Hello! I’m so glad you found your way to All the Blinding Stars, a blog where I share my heart for living fully and fearlessly!

In the most humble and vulnerable way I can I want to share what i’m learning in this process of life, and I want to connect with other people in similar seasons.

More than anything I want this space to challenge you to LIVE BIGGER!

What is All the Blinding Stars?

All the Blinding Stars was birthed from the prominence of the grace of God in so many aspects of my life. I often use the metaphor of the stars to help understand how omnipresent this surpassing grace is, even when it can’t been tangibly seen. This concept soon evolved to define a crucial time in my walk with God.

God’s grace is seen best in the darkest times, just like the stars. As I learned this I began to understand myself and the world better. This revelation has shaped me. My goal now is to share the grace of God with you, to encourage you, and to connect with you. I want to create a space where people share the grace of God, where each person is known.

A Bit About Me

Hi! I’m Allison Nicole, avid reader, music listener, and coffee consumer from Tulsa, OK. I am most inspired by clouds, the smell of hot coffee, and pretty words. If i could be doing anything in the world right now I would be dancing.

I began my blog in the summer of 2016, in the midst of life-transition, as a sort of public journal to help channel my unbalanced emotions. Throughout this past year I have discovered a passions for blogging, and I’ve begun to transition from blogging for myself to blogging for other people.

The vision of my heart for all areas of my ministry is to share the empathy, compassion, and understanding that the Lord has begun to grow in my own life.

Where to Start?

Don’t know where to head first? Scroll up to the pull-down menus if you want to choose your specific topic, or check out the list below for some of my favorite posts!

Eyes – Here I share vulnerably about my struggles with disordered eating, and how I am beginning to walk through a process of healing and restoration

Becoming More Than” – In this post I talk about the importance of identity as an artist, and why we are more than what we create. (featuring inserts from a vlog by Tessa Violet)

Lessons Learned (a series)” – Towards the early days of my blog I shared the three most challenging lessons I learned in my years as a high schooler, about brokenness, humility, and grace.

If any of these posts speaks to you, or if you have any input, insight, or questions, I am always down to chat!

I’m so excited that you found me and I would LOVE to get to know you. Feel free to drop me a comment and even an email, or find me on social media @alltheblindingstars and @allisondancer97 and hit me up there!  

You rock my socks off, friend.

– Allison Nicole –



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