Lessons Learned & Learning Still

This project is a collection of the three most valuable lessons I’ve learned throughout my years in high school. In these posts I talk about the mutuality of our brokenness, and our innate dependency. I share what i’ve learned about the importance of humility, and I talk about the revelations i’ve received about the surpassing grace we’ve been given.

i. The first post, The Mutuality of Brokenness, was birthed out of a difficult place of in-betweenness that I found myself in after my graduation from high school and before I began college. I learned through this difficult season the importance of seeking the grace of the father to fill the places that are empty in me.

ii. The second installment of this series is called Less, Less, Less. Throughout this post I share the lessons i’ve learned about how to become less so Christ can be greater in me. As I walked through my  high school years Jesus taught me the importance of humility through difficult and trying seasons.

iii. Lastly, in my post In, Out, Overflow I talk about my walk in discovering God as a personal, relational God as well as a universal, all-encompassing God. I share about my intimate journey to know God deeply, and the the small parts of my life.



Published by Allison Nicole Art

artist and photographer

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