I’ve been learning so many things about myself, and life, and emptiness as of late. maybe it has a lot to do with my present season of life, and the constant state of transition in which I am living currently, but everywhere I look I realize something else about alive-ness.

the unpredictability of loving, the fault lines in my insides, all the things I, you, we are, my proneness to fill myself with emptiness & how to be the empty that is so so filled.

and I’ve found this: that in your emptiness you will find fullness in the most unexpected places. that we are all so much more than we could ever say; we are galaxies. that the cracks in our foundation make us more than they break us. that the chaos of life, the chaos of love, is the beginning of grace.

God’s been showing me lately that I need to be more empty, be more ready and waiting for his fulfillment, instead of filling myself with unsteady hands. (because his hands are unshakable and all-encompassing; he will never let us fall.) and when I least expect it he begins to remake me and refill me, and when I feel like I’ve run dry is when I find his grace & sufficency keeping me from being thirsty.

so maybe where you feel like you’re loosing yourself, he’s showing you Him. maybe, those fault lines in your soul are the places he wants to saturate. and He wants you to know that you’re infinite, he’s infinite, and he fills you and overflows you and breathes life into your bones. and all that noise and chaos and confusion which is our life, all that unpredictability which is a side effect of living, inside it all is right where grace is birthed and grown and exploding out.

I guess all I want to say is, this God is so much bigger, and there’s strength in letting go. so maybe stop for just a second and see Him in this moment and breathe and know. be still. and let go and be empty and let him be your fullness.
be gentle,

• allison nicole •

Published by Allison Nicole Art

artist and photographer

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  1. I love your new blog Allison ! you’re so great 🙂
    God is using you. – Ava Lucia


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